Team Territory

Team Territory is developed as a tribute to all passionate supporters out there. Wherever we come from, whether we see all home games from the south/north curva or is chasing lousy streams to see the team take on there first fight of the pre-season, we all live and die with the success and disappointments of our favorite club. We identify ourselves with the colors, it doesn't matter if the stadium is your neighbor or if you live in another continent.

Team Territory Sverige

Visa vilket lag som finns i ditt hjärta genom att tagga klubbens färger mot ditt hem, arbete, träningsställe och stamhak! Svenska lag i de högsta Bandy, Fotboll och Hockey-serierna finns att välja på.

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Team Territory Europe

Tag your favorite football team with your home, work, favorite pub and gym. Show the world which team that rule your heart and neighborhood! Clubs in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain is available!